Alkyl nitrites (poppers) are usually inhaled from a bottle through a cloth and produce a high that lasts 2-5 minutes.

Poppers have a sweet smell when first opened and then will turn sour after time.

If swallowed, alkyl nitrites can be poisonous.

Side effects: Powerful headache, rash around nose and mouth, flushed face, loss of consciousness, heart attack.

People with glaucoma, anemia, heart problems, or high blood pressure should not take Alkyl Nitrites.

Liquid nitrites burn when in contact with skin.

Nitrites do not act like other inhalants by working on the central nervous system but instead act to dilate blood vessels and relax muscles.

Nitrites are specifically used primarily as sexual enhancers.

Deaths have been reported when nitrites are used in combination with Viagra.

Slang terms: Poppers, Snappers, Sextasy, Amyl nitrite, Butyl Nitrite, Rush