Peyote cactus is a small spineless cactus used by natives in northern Mexico and
southwestern United States as part of religious rites.

The top of the cactus above ground is called the crown but the intoxicating liquid comes from the disc shaped button cut from the root and dried.

Mescaline is made from the Peyote and San Pedro cactus.

Mescaline is not as potent as LSD but has similar hallucinogenic effects. There is no way to determine a “good trip” from a “bad trip” due to the acidity of the cactus.

Effects: Dream like state, drifting, delirium state for the first couple of hours, hallucinations, dilated pupils, sweating, garbled speech, disorientation, illusions, impaired coordination, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased body temperature.

Long term effects: physical tolerance and psychological dependence with possible psychosis.

Peyote high lends itself to inner reflection and contemplation.

Slang names: Buttons, Big chief, Big Man, Cactus, Peyote, Mesc, Beans, Blue Caps