"By age 18 years, almost 12% of all young people are illicit drug users."

"1 of every 8 Americans has a significant problem with alcohol or drugs."

"The estimated annual cost to our society resulting from substance abuse is over 250 billion dollars."

"70 % of illegal drug users are employed and contribute to workplace absenteeism, accidents and injuries, decreased productivity, increased insurances expenses, employee turnover costs, and on the job violence."

"23.2 million people struggle with addictions."

"Drug addiction or alcoholism affects one in three American families."

"Drugs and alcohol are involved in half of all divorces and separations."

" Drugs and alcohol are implicated in half of all hospitalizations."

" Drugs and alcohol are implicated in half of all hospitalizations."

" Drugs and alcohol are implicated in half of all hospitalizations."

"This program as well as staff has been the greatest experience I could ever ask for. Thank you all."

"Great program. Very satisfied with my progress. Much to do, but I feel better than when I arrived. Thank you."

"Turning Point is a major contributor to my recovery."

" The Turning Point program helped my life greatly. All staff was overly nice, prepared, and courteous to my thoughts, feelings, and needs."

" I really enjoyed the program and learned a lot to assist me in my recovery."

" Was very happy, I feel the services I was offered were excellent. I also loved the religious meetings and programs for I love Jesus."

" Thank you Turning Point for all the education I've received as well as respect I was given."

" Thank you everyone, you have saved my life and gave me tools to continue my sobriety."

" Upon entering this program I instantly knew I made the right choice. The staff were all kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and always offered all of the tools to allow our treatment to be a success. Thank you."

" This was the best thing I have ever done, Turning Point is the best program ever. I love everything about this place."

" I feel confident in my rehabilitation due to the actions of the staff and groups that I attended. Very content with the outcome!"

" The Turning Point staff met all my needs & helped me regain my life. Thank you so very much."

" Thanks for support and showing me there's a light at the end of the tunnel."

" Staff was the best, learned so much, they saved me. I'm grateful, may God bless them."

" Thank you staff! I wanted to personally thank you for all your kind words & inspiration in my recovery!"

" Thank you Turning Point, the 12 most important days of my life – you saved me."