Our typical day will look something like this:

For a more accurate outline of our daily schedule please click here to download the full Word document.

  1. After an early morning wake-up, an hour will be provided to residents to prepare for the day, whether that be a quick “freshen-up” or a nice shower.
  2. Once residents are showered and ready for the day, the first of four daily smoke breaks will be given shortly followed by our daily “thought of the day.” The rest of the smoke breaks will be evenly distributed throughout the day.
  3. Breakfast will promptly begin after the daily thought.
  4. Once breakfast is complete we begin an hour long daily educational segment lead by various members of our medical staff.
  5. Following the educational segment, we will split up for group therapy.
  6. Once group therapy ends, lunch will begin.
  7. After lunch we give residents an hour of personal time to use as you see fit.
  8. Shortly after personal time, we host a variety of scheduled events throughout the week. This may involve family/friends visitation, walks outside or various motivational speakers. Dinner will start after these events conclude, followed by an hour of structured activities such as Chapel, Study Hall, book studies, etc. A snack will be provided later in the evening and following your seventh and final smoke break of the day, residents are allowed the remainder of the night to themselves.