1. Clothing for seven (7) days (no tank tops, short shorts, spaghetti straps or muscle shirts).

  2. Money for the pop machines.  Anything over twenty ($20) should be locked up upon request. 

    NOTE: Personal hygiene items (i.e., soap, deodorant, razors, etc.) Products containing alcohol (i.e., mouthwash, colognes, and perfumes) are prohibited. Razors are considered contraband and will be locked up in the staff office. Patients may retrieve from staff when needed.
  3. All prescribed medications must be in their original containers and samples must be accompanied with an order. We cannot dispense medications without a Physician order or valid prescription. The admission may be denied if patient does not bring in all of their prescribed medication.
  4. DO NOT DRIVE HERE as there is no parking available. Cars can be ticketed and towed.
  5. Bring something to do in your spare time (i.e., books, magazines, puzzles).
  6. No pornographic material allowed.
  7. We encourage water and for patients to bring water bottle that is see through. If the water bottle is not transparent, the patient will not be allowed to use it during their stay.
  8. Leave valuable property at home (i.e., jewelry, credit cards, etc).
  9. Cell Phone usage is not allowed on the unit. Phones will be locked up until discharge.

**The Salvation Army Turning Point is a smoke-free campus.